Most romantic spots for photo sessions in Dubrovnik as seen by local photographer

I have built a list, without a doubt, of the top places around Old town with example images where I will take you if you choose me to be your vacation photographer in Dubrovnik. I’m looking for beautiful locations, and I’m also looking where the best light is because that is making picture-perfect, something that every client’s vacation photo session deserves.

Some facts about Dubrovnik

Let me tell you just a few facts about my hometown. Walls surrounding the city used to protect the town and its citizen’s in the past. They are one of the reasons why Dubrovnik is called Pearl of the Adriatic. Also, a lot of magnificent churches and other gorgeous buildings that will leave you breathless, help to justify that name.
Among those whom this lovely city enchanted was also George Bernard Shaw. So this is what he said “those who seek paradise on Earth should come to Dubrovnik.

Top Locations for vacation photos in Dubrovnik

West Pier

This location is one of my favorites so obviously the place where I start every photo session. There are a few reasons for that. The pier is overlooking two forts, Bokar and Lovrijenac, and I think they make a perfect background.

Pile Gate

Pile Gate is one of the two main entrances to the town. It will lead you to the historic beauty of the city over the wooden bridge. That scenery makes for a perfect background, something you will remember for a long time.

Stradun (Main street)

Welcome to Stradun, Placa, main street of the Old town, made of white marble with beautiful Renaissance houses on each side. Almost always packed with people, mesmerizing. Sometimes people think that it’s challenging to take photos when there are so many people around, but some special tricks from a pro photographer can help with that.

Rectors Palace

Rectors palace used to serve as the seat of the Rector of the Republic of Ragusa. It was also the place of being for the Minor Council and the state administration. It was also a powder magazine, watch house, armory, and prison. Prison? Doesn’t sound so attractive for vacation photos? Well, this prison is a Gothic-style building with Renaissance and Baroque elements, so that makes it one beautiful prison.

Jesuit Stairs

To come to these stairs, which are leading to the St. Ignatius Church, you must go through Gundulic square. If you are passing through in the morning you will probably see the market place with fresh local produce and some authentic souvenirs. Baroque stairs are breathtaking and similar to Spanish Steps in Rome.

The Old Harbour of Dubrovnik

If you are looking for piers, forts, old houses and walls, the sea, you name it, old port have it all. Now its a place where you can find three restaurants with a lovely view, a lot of people walking by and different tour booking agents. It’s also a home of the local people small boats, and a ferry to the magical island of Lokrum also goes from there.

Dominican Monastery

The church is one of the most significant Gothic buildings around. Stairs that serve as a western entrance to the church, now also serve as a trendy place for taking pictures. Almost everybody that passes by stops for a moment and takes a photo. That’s probably because of the shape of stairs that looks great in the image.

Small streets

The Old town has a lot of small streets on both sides. They are full of stairs leading up, which is not everyone’s cup of tea (walking the stairs) but a healthy one for sure. I usually take photos in at least one of those streets, and of course I have favorite ones, but I can’t tell you all my secrets.

Ploče Gate

The second gate in the Old town also makes an excellent spot for vacation photography in Dubrovnik since it also sports a wooden bridge and overlooks the Old Port, which makes a pleasant background.

Komarda beach

Last but not least, Komarda beach is one of the more hidden spots, not so easy to find on your own and because of that, a must-visit place to take some photos. It is a rocky beach, therefore, it makes a perfect foreground to your pictures and a great background consisting of the Old Port, St. John Fort, Belltower, and the sea.