Beautiful wedding portraits in Dubrovnik

Cheryl and Jason were visiting Dubrovnik, Croatia, from Singapore for the first time. They decided that while on vacation in Dubrovnik, it would be the perfect time for some beautiful wedding portraits so they chose me to be their Dubrovnik wedding photographer. It was their first time in our magnificent and romantic city. I knew I had to show them some of my absolute favorite locations.

Dubrovnik borders the Adriatic Sea and is known for its Old Town, with massive stone walls surrounding it. Along with these mesmerizing features, it also has an attractive rocky coastline that makes for stunning images. I have decided to take advantage of these locations during Cheryl and Jason’s session and show them some of the secret spots.

We Started Out By a Beautiful Stone Dock

Our session started with a beautiful stone dock with little boats lining it. The rocky coastline entwined with the stone walls in the background. Cheryl’s long veil blew in the wind just so to create a soft movement throughout the image.

As we moved along to our wedding portrait session, I have shown them more of our beautiful city of Dubrovnik. We wandered the historic streets of Dubrovnik while capturing images in front of beautiful stone buildings. We explored the stories of old walls that were waiting to be discovered by people traveling on vacation, just like Cheryl and Jason.

Taking in the Adriatic Sea

The session continued, and the sun started to approach the horizon line of the Adriatic Sea; we took in the beautiful golden hour. Cheryl and Jason stood on the edge of the rocky coast. While we celebrated their marriage and their vacation to Dubrovnik we watched as boats come in and out of the docks.

I was more than happy that Cheryl and Jason asked me to be their wedding photographer while spending time in Dubrovnik, Croatia. It is a beautiful way to document your vacation and your time in a new city, including Dubrovnik!

Check out some of my favorite images from Cheryl and Jason’s wedding portrait session in Dubrovnik in the gallery.