Experience the beauty of Dubrovnik with local photographer

Michelle and Johnny decided to escape their hectic everyday life by going on a cruise. As Americans, a cruise usually means going to the Bahamas or someplace similar. These two were choosing to travel to the other side of the world to do a Mediterranean cruise. This is what was bringing them to Dubrovnik, Croatia. As a local Dubrovnik photographer, I knew I had to show them all of my favorite locations.

One of the stops on this Mediterranean cruise is Dubrovnik, Croatia. While here, Michelle and Johnny decided this would be the perfect time for the updated couple’s photos. Dubrovnik is known for its Old Town district. There is no better way for vacationers to experience the beauty of a new city than by having a local show you around.

As a local Dubrovnik photographer, I love being able to show couples who are on vacation around the city. I can teach them about our history and give them interesting facts about it! For example, did you know that Game of Thrones filmed in Dubrovnik Old Town? So I love to show couples these exciting and unique locations throughout the city.

Why Explore a New City? The Experience

As we were wandering through Dubrovnik Old Town, I was photographing Johnny and Michelle in their element, exploring a new city. You can tell that this is something that they thoroughly enjoy. It is even more special that they get to do it together. While walking through Old Town, I was pointing out all of the significant landmarks. I was explaining my favorite spots through the eyes of a local. Although Johnny and Michelle didn’t get to spend a ton of time in Dubrovnik, they were taking in as much as they could. They took in the details of the shop windows, the water, the rocky beaches, and the boats as they sailed past.

I love being a Dubrovnik vacation photographer because you get to see the excitement of the couple visiting for the first time. When you live in a city, you tend to forget how special and unique it truly is. These couples remind me why I love Dubrovnik every time I photograph them.

Once our session was complete, I gave them suggestions of some of my favorite places to eat and great places to explore before they had to head back to their cruise ship.

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